The Company

We’re a small team of execution specialists that turn strangers into friends and friends into family.

Our core Values.

We protect nature, foster community and share knowledge

Our Beliefs.

We believe stewardship of the earth is everyone’s responsibility, that yoga is the secret to a calm, focus and clear life and that a strong community equals a strong individual.


Take the first step to learn more about starting a Yoga Social in your community. Producing a Yoga Social series goes beyond a business – it’s about fulfilling a passion to connect with others.

Yoga Social’s are run by co-producers in different cities so we can empower others to find balance, create a culture of good health in their community, and grow together as a group. We are continuing to grow with dynamic, like-minded individuals who have leadership experience and a love for the next evolution of yoga.

Yoga Teacher

We are auditioning for experienced yogis. This is an opportunity for you to join an empowered community committed to self-discovery.

Studio Owner

Creating a community around shared values, of environmentalism, mindful living, play and the joy of movement.


The receipt for a good producer is confidence a good practice, trust, and vulnerability.